Time to envolve with time. Lets Hit it Hard.
Keep employees safe.

HHV Safety gives you access to a large collection of impactful safety videos, animation videos, training videos, alongwith Smart TV and mobile phone digital broadcasting and messaging solution that empowers you to develop a strong company-wide media communication network.

No more ignorance. Advent of better informed workforce and a strong safety culture is imminent.

What made us create HHV Safety

We've often heard senior managers wonder "Even after investing millions in training, why incidents keep happening? Why people dont get it? How can we disemminate a message to each and every employee and bring lasting change in safety behaviour?"

Our founders took these comments seriously and HardHitting Videos or HHV Safety evolved.

Awesome Features

HardHitting Videos. Hit Hard on Subconscious mind. Evolve Safety Culture.

Video & Poster Library

Subscriber gains access to our large collection of short
and snappy safety videos & posters

Private Library

Upload your videos and posters into our secured servers

Videos from other portals

Pull videos from YouTube into our portal

License for Connection

Request innumerable connections licenses for TV screens
all across your organisation and mobile phones
for all your employees

Connection Management

Multiple groups can be created with the licenses
for relaying different media in each individual group

Screen Management

Empowers you to decide what should appear on the screen
i.e. Only the media or media with customized logo, live
news relay or personalized message and more!

Logo Customisation

Branding option to customise the screen with company logo

Live News relay

Transmit live news from BBC, CBSN or Aljazeera on the screen

Company message relay

Create personalized message and relay on all screens

No Geographical limitations

Subscriber can control screens across the
globe with easy-to-use tool.

Multi-lingual Content

Our portal currently supports 6 languages
i.e. English, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Russian and Spanish

Email & Mobile Alert

Push notification on mobile phones or Emails can be
sent to entire network to alert on new videos message

Advanced Analytics

Viewership data of each video and performance of
each connection can be monitored


We will supply a small android device which will
turn your old TV into Smart TV and streams all our videos.

HHV Mobile & Screen Application

HHV application is freely available for all
android and iOS platforms.

Dedicated Campaign Manager

Personalized campaign manager assistance
arovided on request

What HHV Video Library Consists?

HHV’s Video library is a goldmine of safety videos aimed at Oil & Gas, Marine and Construction industry. We have partnered with renowned video production house called Studio 52 in Dubai to produce multiple videos on subjects like working at height, confined space, incident reporting, house-keeping, driving safety, leadership, proper tools, mentor, right-way and wrong-way and more.

Our videos are short, snappy, attention grabbing, emotional, comical and animated. We have also partnered with other international production houses to bring a diverse and wide selection to our subscribers.

How HHV Safety works?

Who needs HHV Safety?

This is best suited for every safety conscious organization who needs a next generation solution for impactful message dissemination.

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