Decide how many screens you want to control. Choose relevant plan. Lets get started!

HHV Connection

  • 1-10 Screens$20/screen
  • 10-50 Screens$17/screen
  • 50-100 Screens$15/screen
  • 100+ Screens$12/screen


US$ 99
  • Latest technology Android device with 4K capability and built-in HHV application which will turn your screen into smart screen.

HHV Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager
  • Services of a dedicated campaign manager to upload and schedule your campaign.

HHV License pricing is per device/player and includes


License holders can purchase license for unlimited screens
without geographical limitations.

Unlimited Download

Unlimited content can be downloaded and displayed
on screens.

Unlimited Playlist

Unlimited playlists can be developed and broadcasted.

Hardware Support

License holders can get android devices and screens at
economical cost.

Free Update

Free updates in screen apps will be available to license holders.

2 GB Online Storage

2 GB of content can be stored on cloud for broadcasting.

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